The North East kitchen is a project that combines my work as professional photographer with my interest in food culture. When living in New York, I enjoyed traveling the world shooting exotic locales for magazines out of Paris and London, and in my spare time documenting behind the scenes of New York City’s vibrant restaurant scene. After satisfying my wanderlust and appetite for several years, I decided to take on the new adventure of motherhood. The desire to be closer to family, have access to the great outdoors – and phenomenal closet space – prompted a move out of the city.

As a newcomer to Maine, I am pleased to discover an exciting food scene with a passion for local ingredients, and an abundance of nearby farms. Won’t you join me on a journey of discovery? You can do so by subscribing here. My exploration will include interviews – and recipes – from chefs and cooks, and feature kitchens and food life along the North Eastern US. The North East Kitchen is a continuation of – and covers a wider scope than – my previous blog New York Kitchen which for years featured restaurant kitchens of the city. 

In conjunction with this project, I am producing a photography book about chefs of the North Eastern US to be published by Princeton Architectural Press. My travel and interior photography has been published in magazines such as Vogue, Air France Madame, L’Officiel, Architectural Digest, GQ, and Conde Nast Traveller. Work of mine has been shown in art galleries in the US and Europe.